Training School Onine Booking Page and Sharpening Supplies

We are trying very hard to keep our postal prices as low as possible, but we reserve the right to discuss with you alternative options if we get it wrong and the actual price of posting your item(s) is higher than expected. 

  • If this happens we will contact you, and once agreed you can make any extra payments due via the 'Extra Shipping Payments' section.
  • Please make sure you ONLY select the postal option for 'very small items' if the items you are buying are indeed very small and under 500gms. 

Ensure that you are happy with the default £25 or zero insured value by selecting the appropriate option. In the rare circumstance that your parcel does not arrive then we can make a claim based on what YOU have selected:

    • Make sure if your item has a value of more that £25 you select the option for 'Up To £500 Insurance'. This is normally the last of the options from the drop down list.
    • The cheaper postal options use couriers that offer just £25 or zero insurance.